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Website Development and Hosting

Your company needs a website.

Yes, social media has made it easier to post updates and engage existing customers/followers.  But what about those potential customers that do not already know your business or existing customers that are not social media users?

IT Security Audit and Assessment

Don’t wait for a crisis to invest in information security.

The primary objective of the assessment is to identify and evaluate key risks and controls related to IT Security, and to evaluate the design of the “business as usual” processes and activities performed as part of your company’s ongoing IT Security program, as well as its Security Incident Response program.

Business Continuity Planning

Plan now to stay in business.

Do you know your company's Maximum Tolerable Downtime - the point at which your company cannot recover from a disaster?

Disaster Recovery Planning

Be ready when a disaster occurs.

The disaster recovery plan is a subset of business continuity plan that focuses on the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems.  

When was the last time you conducted a Business Impact Analysis?  The BIA is the foundation of your company's recovery plan.