Plan now to stay in business.

Do you know your company's Maximum Tolerable Downtime - the point at which your company cannot recover from a disaster?

When an attack occurs, it is already too late for a company to identify their critical assets.  The attacker will have located and targeted those assets.   Once the company identifies an intrusion, each second is critical to effectively responding. 

Hence, it is essential for business executives to conduct a strategic review and analysis of their most vital assets and make investments to create a more resilient enterprise.  The biggest risk a company faces is not being prepared.  Creating an effective risk management and response plan is a key mitigation activity.

Messaging to customers and stakeholders must also be part of the plan.  Understanding the key decisions and having preemptive conversations on how to disclose the attack and seek to regain trust from customers is a fundamental step in developing an effective response plan. 

Planning and preparation will be helpful in preparing the team and identifying gaps in personnel.  As any project manager knows, things never go 100%, according to the plan. 

You will never know if the plan will work until an attack occurs.  However, having a solid plan in place, where everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, may save your company from failure due to a disaster.

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